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The last day of school is Thursday, May 26th.  There will be a two hour early dismissal that day.
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There are a variety of opportunities for our students to get real-world experience out of the classroom setting to determine if their dream career is truly a good fit for them prior to spending thousands of dollars on a college education.  The first step in the program is to take the college credit course called Pre-employment Strategies where students learn to complete applications, write resumes, and cover letters highlighting their strengths from the comments on their performance evaluations and practicing with interviewing techniques.  Students also take the National Career Readiness Exam that will set their resume apart from the employment competition.  Students will take the course along with one of the work-based learning opportunities below.  After successfully completing the Trimester, students can continue to sign up for more Trimesters for either Internship or Mentoring.



Job Shadowing

  • Student is entering Junior/Senior year or is at least 16 years of age.
  • Half day or full day visit to a worksite to observe
  • Student would complete two job shadows during the Trimester and attend study hall the days we do not meet for class
  • Career pathway specific


  • Student is entering Junior/Senior year or is at least 16 years of age
  • Student works 4+ hours per week at the worksite
  • Unpaid career exploration
  • Worksite provides opportunities for exposure to all aspects of the job
  • Student provides own transportation
  • Student keeps a journal and time log
  • Student completes class assignments, including a project
  • Student receives 1 credit per period per trimester towards graduation


  • Student is entering Junior/Senior year
  • Student has a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher
  • Student works 8+ hours per week at the worksite
  • Paid career exploration
  • Worksite provides opportunities for exposure to all aspects of the job
  • Student has completed a minimum of 2 courses in related career area
  • Encourage as much hand-on activity as possible at the worksite
  • Student keeps a time log
  • Up to 1 full year work experience during the school year
  • Student receives 1 credit per period per term towards graduation
  • Student provides own transportation
  • Student completes class assignments, including project
  • Apprenticeship
  • Same guidelines as Internship (exception: specifically identified courses must be completed with a C average or better)
  • Registered with the US Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training
  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Note:  All participants must complete an application and be available for an interview if an employer requests one.  


  • On days when school is delayed for weather-related reasons, students who have placements must come to school and go to their scheduled classes.  They must contact their worksite to let them know that they will be arriving later.
  • If students are already at their work-based learning assignment and school is delayed, student may call the school to determine their arrival time.  If school gets canceled, the student must take into consideration their own safety and determine the time to leave work to go home.
  • Students will notify employers ahead of time of any special school schedule that will alter their normal arrival time at the worksite or when they must leave the worksite early to be at school on time.
  • Students will be excused from the worksite learning during certain scheduled activities.  For example: all school testing, all school assemblies, pep rallies with administrative approval etc.  The student must inform their supervisor prior to these absences.
  • If a student has a field trip scheduled in another class, the student may be excused from the work placement to attend the field trip and must inform their supervisor prior to the field trip.
  • If a student will be absent from school or work more than two consecutive days, notify the STW coordinator immediately. 
  • If the student has a morning placement, they must come to school for the rest of the day.  In case of illness the student must notify the employer and school office.  If the student reports to work for the day they are required to be in school for that portion of the day as well unless they have special permission from the office.  The reverse is also true, if the student is in school they are expected to attend their work placement unless excused by the office.
  • The STW Coordinator will check occasionally to make sure students are at the worksite when scheduled.  Any student who leaves school for work-based learning and does not appear at the worksite will be dropped from the program with a failing grade and receive no credit for the experience.
  • This attendance requirement will be made known to all employers and students ahead of time as part of the formal agreement for the school year.
  • If you quit your assigned job you will receive an “F” grade for the class and report to study hall for the rest of the trimester.


A registered Apprenticeship allows you to earn a paycheck while receiving on-the-job training and structured learning once you turn 18.  Depending on the career an apprenticeship can last 1-5 years.  During the five year period the AVERAGE WAGE in Iowa is $60,822.  View the fact sheet to learn more.

There are over 700 employers in Iowa that offer Apprenticeships in Iowa in careers such as CNA, IT, Wine Making, Telecommunications, HVAC, Machinists, Plumbing, Heating, Electrical, CNC, Welding, and Automotive to name a few.





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