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Question 4: What is the process to make an official decision on if my child(ren) will be attending in-person, virtually, or choosing to unenroll from WDCSD to homeschool or attend another school?
For families planning on choosing the virtual option for the fall, the Official Virtual Learning Registration is on our district website and/or the link below. If you select this option, your child(ren) will be placed in our distance learning system for the entire first trimester which runs from August 13th through November 19th.  After completing both this virtual learning registration form, as well as the yearly District registration process, an administrator or district employee will be in contact with you on the next steps in this virtual option.  Please note: The Official Virtual Learning Registration form is due by Friday, July 31st. 

You only need to go to the website or click on the link and complete the virtual learning registration form if you want your child(ren) to be placed in the virtual learning program. If your child(ren) will attend school face-to-face or you plan to homeschool them, you don’t need to complete this form.  

The link to the Official Virtual Learning Registration form can be found at the top of the district home page or by going to