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April 6, 2020
Good Morning WDCSD Parents and Guardians,

Continued communication and connection is important to all of us. With that said, we also do not want to place any extra stress on families that have circumstances at home of higher importance than hearing from us at this time. If this email is coming at a time where hearing from school is not a priority, please don't worry about the continued information we provide, and we will continue to keep you in our thoughts of taking care of yourselves first. 

If you are desirous to continue hearing from us and wanting more from our services, we are providing an update below on the happenings of our district this week.

Our teachers and administrators are holding virtual meetings as grade level and department level teams to add to the voluntary opportunities made available to you online and with the option of paper packets. These planning sessions are scheduled Monday-Thursday.

After our meetings, teachers will be reaching out to students to check in and develop a system of continued communication if needed. Anticipate a phone call late this week or throughout next week with follow up emails from your student(s)' teachers. 

Please understand our teachers are at home caring for themselves and their families during this time as well. They, just like all of you have different loads to bare. We, as a district, are standing by our values of taking care of our people first. Our staff and your students' well-being is our number one concern. If you have concerns with our district's decisions or the direction we have taken through this process, please reach out to administration rather than the teachers when they call. They are calling to continue connection with the students, not to answer questions about our stance on voluntary vs. required educational opportunities during this time. 

We understand not everyone agrees with the decision of providing voluntary opportunities vs required services, however, we are confident our decisions allow us to move forward together and continues to keep us growing better everyday as families until the time we can be together as a larger school community again. 

Stay safe; we will be in touch.   - WDCSD Administration