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November 23, 2020
Good Afternoon:

You may have noticed that some school districts have opted to move to virtual learning for several days after the Thanksgiving holiday break. We continue to use data to discuss what is best for our schools, and we continue to believe that as long as we have the staff to remain open, we will continue to educate our kids face-to-face. As we stated in the message we sent out a couple weeks ago, we will consider closing down a grade level or a building based on the spread of the virus. We will also have to consider closing down a building or the entire district if we are unable to staff the buildings at a safe level for our students and staff or we don’t have enough drivers to transport our students to school. So, at this point, we plan to return to school as planned on Monday, November 30th.

As you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, please make sure you and your family are taking the appropriate precautions to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.  Wear a mask, wash hands often, and socially distance from others. If you or any family member have any symptoms, stay home, and seek medical attention to determine what you should do to care for the individual who is sick. People coming to school when they are symptomatic is the fastest way for us to be forced to move to virtual learning which is not the best way for most students to learn.  

We hope you have a great Thanksgiving break. Stay safe, stay healthy, and take care of yourself and your family.  

Take care.
Rick Colpitts, Superintendent