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January 4, 2022
Good afternoon:

The CDC recently came out with some new guidelines on isolation and quarantine timelines. They also updated their recommendations for isolation and quarantine for K-12 schools.

We are currently reviewing the new CDC guidance and working with state and county health departments to determine what changes we need to make to our current practices regarding self-isolation and quarantine. We don't want to make changes to our procedures too soon and then have to change them again due to new information coming out at the state or county level since the guidance is sometimes conflicting.

We will continue to review information from the federal, state, and county over the next few weeks. Any additional guidance will be considered, as well as the positivity rate in our schools, in determining what (if any) changes we may need to make to our isolation and quarantine practices. If we determine that changes can be safely made, those changes will be communicated to all staff and families at that time.  

Thank you.  

Rick Colpitts, Superintendent
Western Dubuque Community School District