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Instructional Technology FAQs
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  • + How do I change my default browser?
    Click on Startup button (lower left corner) > type "Default App Settings" > click on it > Find Web Browser > click on the browser icon that appears > choose the browser you would like to use from the menu that appears.
  • + Can I download a program or font to my school computer?
    Yes and no. You cannot directly download a program or font to your school computer (at this time). However, you can contact the Helpdesk and they will assist you in this process. In the future, there will be a site where you can request the most commonly downloaded programs.
  • + How do I calibrate my whiteboard pen?
    If you have a newer projector, press the set-up button on your remote and follow the onscreen directions. If you have an older model, you will need to contact the Helpdesk for assistance.
  • + Why don't some programs let me save to OneDrive?
    In programs like ActivInspire, the files are not native to the Office 365 environment. That means that OneDrive does not know how to handle the files. Save your file to your desktop (or other location). Then use the upload process in your OneDrive folder to save your file to OneDrive.
  • + How do I change my password?
    If you can login to your computer, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and select the password option. If you cannot log on to your computer, contact the Helpdesk because they will need to manually reset your account.
  • + Is ActivInspire going away soon?
    No! We were recently informed that ActivInspire will not be going away in the near future. The odds are that at some point in the distant future it will be discontinued but the company is planning on keeping it around for a while. Whew!
  • + How do I do a search in Windows 10?
    Click on the Startup button in the lower left corner and start typing what you are looking for on your computer. You can, also, use Cortana which is available in your programs.
  • + Can I access my files when I'm away from school?
    As long as you have saved your files in OneDrive, you can access your files from any location as long as you have Internet access.
  • + Who do I contact for help with MobyMax?
    MobyMax is purchased and run by each building in the District. There is a contact person (administrator) who is in charge of the program at each building. Jim, Wes, and the Helpdesk can only offer very limited support for it (in fact, the only support we can generally provide is a good round of clapping).
  • + How can I create a playlist on my computer?
    Windows 10 has a playlist generator called "Groove Music". It's pretty simple to set up a playlist. However... remember that copyright laws apply and loading your personal music into it could be a violation.
  • + How do I record audio on my computer?
    You can either use Audacity or your computer's built-in Voice Recorder (you can find these in your programs list in the Start Menu).
  • + What is "Bcc" and how do I use it?
    Bcc is the abbreviation for Blind Carbon Copy. Use it when you are sending an email to a large group or when you don't want email addresses seen by everyone (parents, students, etc.). However, do not use this when you are sending messages with only a few people (especially to Jim, Wes, and the Helpdesk). To have this visible in your Outlook emails, do this: Click on the Settings gear > click on Mail (at the bottom) > look to the left side and click on Layout > click on Message Format > check the box that says "Always show Bcc".
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