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Early Childhood/Preschool


Western Dubuque Community School District (WDCSD) offers high-quality four-year-old preschool through the Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program Grant (SWVPP). The grant allows both our Western Dubuque District public schools and our preschool partnering sites to offer a minimum of 10 hours weekly free quality preschool programming to four-year-old children in the community at varying locations throughout the district (QPPS 10.1).   

Free programming is available Monday-Wednesday with an optional fourth day (Thursday) for $130 per month.  
The following are the sites and phone numbers.
Western Dubuque Sites
Cascade Elementary: 563-663-9639
Dyersville Elementary: 563-663-9641
Farley Elementary: 563-663-9652
Epworth Elementary: 563-663-9653
Peosta Elementary: 563-663-9320
Partnering Sites
Aquin: 563-852-3331
LaSalle: 563-870-2405
NICC: 563-556-5110
Seton: 563-556-5967
Xavier: 563-875-7376
Children must be four years of age prior to Sept. 15th of the upcoming school year to qualify for free schooling provided by the Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program. 

Five-year-olds and Transitional Kindergarten: Students must be five years of age on or before September 15 in order to be enrolled in kindergarten (Iowa Code section 282.3). For more information related to Transitional Kindergarten, please see Transitional Kindergarten tab in the upper right of this page.  


Pre-registration will begin in January 8th, 2024 at noon and run until the official registration window begins. Official registration occurs on February 12, 2024. To access the active pre-registration form at noon on January 8th, click here or go to https://forms.office.com/r/TfU9HgANQb.

Slots fill quickly, so please read through the steps below to be prepared and understand the process.  

  1. All pre-registrations and official registrations for preschool are completed online. If you need computer/internet access, our buildings are available. Otherwise, this process can be completed from your home/at work. 

  2. As each family completes the online Pre-registration process, the date and time of each submission will be recorded. 4-year-old spots will be filled based on these time stamps. Please note: all requested information must be filled out and criteria met for an application to be considered. Applications with missing or invalid information will not be considered.  

  3. A district or building official will begin contacting families after the pre-registration window to explain next steps and status of the application.     

When completing the Pre-Registration Form, you will need to have the following information available: 

  • Student Name (First and Last)  

  • Student Birth Date  

  • Student Address (Street and City)  

  •  Western Dubuque Community School District School (public institutions) school of choice 

  • Yes/No if you would like to be considered for other WDCSD public schools if registration is full at school of choice. 

  • Yes/No if placed on a waiting list for WDCSD public schools if you would like your information shared with one of our Statewide Voluntary Preschool Partner Sites (Aquin, LaSalle, Seton, Xavier, NICC, Head Start)  

  • Your Name 

  • Your Preferred email for communication  

  • Your Preferred phone number for communication  

Class Size Ratio 
The maximum class size is 20 students with an adult to child ratio of 1:10 maintained at all times including indoor time, outdoor time and field trips (QPPS 3.9,10.4).

WD preschool programs include students with disabilities and unique learning needs at all sites. It is our belief that inclusion in our programs will enrich the experience for teachers, students, children, and their families.



PREK:  PRE- Registration opens on January 8th, 2024 at Noon. and will stay open until the official registration window opens on February 12, 2024. Register early to give yourself the best chance of getting in. Here is the link for PREK-Pre-Registration. Keep in mind that this link is not "live" until January 8th at noon. You will get an error message if you attempt to use this link before it is live. You will be notified at a later date if your child has a spot (spots are limited). Pre-registrations are "time stamped" and are on a first come, first serve basis.

TK: Register when the general registration window opens on February 12, 2024. There will be a link for pre-register for TK that will be available on February 12th. Here is some information about TK registrations:

TK registration for the 2024-2025 school year will start at 7:30 AM on Monday, February 12th.

To register:
  1. Go to District Home Page www.wdbqschools.org
  2. Scroll down about halfway through the homepage and click on the Red “Register” icon
  3. Complete the online registration process as directed.
  4. Register your child for KINDERGARTEN
  5. After registering your child for Kindergarten, go to the district website, click Academics, then click Early Childhood/Preschool, and then click on the Transitional Kindergarten Tab on the right.
  6. After February 12th, there will be a Transitional Kindergarten Interest form you will need to complete on this page.

Due to limited spots in Transitional Kindergarten, your child is not guaranteed a spot. If your child does not get into TK, they will be placed in a Kindergarten classroom at their home school. If you are considering enrolling your child in Transitional Kindergarten, we encourage you to reach out to your child's teacher with any further questions.

For additional information regarding PREK or TK, please go to this link on the WD Website.

K-5th: Register when the registration window opens on February 12, 2024. Registering early assists your school and staff in planning for the next school year. 


Los niños deben tener cuatro años de edad antes del 15 de Septiembre del próximo año escolar para calificar para la escuela gratuitita que ofrece el Programa Preescolar Voluntario Estatal.

Niños de cinco años y Jardín de Infancia de transición: Los estudiantes deben tener cinco años de edad en o antes del 15 de Septiembre para poder inscribirse en kindergarten (sección 282.3 del Código de Iowa). Para obtener más información relacionada con el Jardín de Infantes de transición, haga clic aquí.


La inscripción oficial se realiza en Febrero de cada año, la pre-inscripción comenzará en Enero.

Los cupos se llenan rápidamente, así que por favor lea los pasos a continuación para estar preparado y entender el proceso.

1.Todas las preinscripciones e inscripciones oficiales para preescolar se completan en línea. Si necesita acceso a computadora/internet, nuestros edificios están disponibles. De lo contrario, este proceso se puede completar desde su casa.

2. A medida que cada familia complete el proceso de preinscripción en línea, se registrará la fecha y hora de cada envío. Los cupos de 4 años se llenarán en función de estas marcas de tiempo. Tenga en cuenta: toda la información solicitada debe completarse y cumplirse los criterios para que se considere una solicitud. Las solicitudes con información faltante o no válida no serán consideradas.

A medida que cada familia complete el proceso de Pre-Inscripción en línea, la fecha y hora de cada envío será registrada. Los cupos de los niños de 4 años se llenará en base a estas marcas de tiempo. Por favor, tenga en cuenta que toda la información solicitada debe ser rellenada y los criterios cumplidos para que una solicitud sea considerada. No se tendrán en cuenta las solicitudes en las que falte información o ésta no sea válida.

3. Un funcionario del distrito o del edificio comenzará a comunicarse con las familias poco después de la ventana de preinscripción para explicar los próximos pasos y el estado de la solicitud.

   * Al completar el formulario de preinscripción, deberá tener disponible la siguiente información:
   * Nombre del Estudiante (Nombre y Apellido)
   * Fecha de Nacimiento del Estudiante
   * Dirección del Estudiante (Calle y Ciudad)
   * Elección de la Escuela del Distrito Escolar Comunitario de Western Dubuque (instituciones públicas) en orden de clasificación
   * Sí/No si se coloca en una lista de espera para las escuelas públicas de WDCSD si desea que su información se comparta con uno de            nuestros Sitios Asociados Preescolares Voluntarios Estatales (Aquin, LaSalle, Seton, Xavier, NICC, Head Start)
   * Tu nombre
   * Su correo electrónico preferido para la comunicación
   * Su número de teléfono preferido para la comunicación

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