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Welcome to our Office 365 Tutorials Page!
We hope that you find this page to be informational and that it will address your questions about the apps that are available in Office 365.  If you have any questions, please contact our District's certified Microsoft Innovative Educators Jim Roberts, Todd Wernimont, or Wes Palm.  They will answer your questions through email or in a personal meeting.
To learn how to use many of the apps available in Office 365, please use our Computer Applications course as a resource.  You are free to use the course's content at http://www.wdbqschools.org/ComputerAppsCourse.aspx.  

Windows 10: An Introduction
Windows 10 Logo New to Windows 10? Watch the above short video to learn how to navigate through it.

Accessing & Using Outlook
OutLook Logo Learn how to access Outlook, our District's email provider, by watching the above video.  In this video, you will learn how to login to your account, create folders to store important emails, compose an email, and create your personal signature for outgoing email messages.

  Learn how to add an email message to your Outlook Online calendar by watching the above short Biteable video .  This is a great way to share an email with others in their calendars.  It's great for upcoming meetings, webinars, etc.

1. OneDrive Basics
OneDrive Logo Learn the basics of your OneDrive account.  Learn how to create folders and upload information into them and learn how to share documents you have placed in your folders.
2. G Drive: Uploading folders & files to OneDrive
OneDrive Logo If you have documents in your District supplied computer, you should watch this video to make sure your documents are moved from your G Drive to OneDrive.  Don't lose your files!  Watch this video.
3. ActivInspire: How to Upload & Download
OneDrive Logo You cannot open an ActivInspire flipchart when it is in your 365 account.  Watch the above video to learn how to upload and download (retrieve) your flipcharts when they are stored in Office 365.

How to install Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your computer
Did you know that you can install Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your home computer?  If you are an employee or teacher of the Western Dubuque District, you have a Business 365 account.  This means that you can download the Suite onto your personal computer.  It's a fantastic way to create papers and projects from home so you don't have to wait to be at school.  Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!
Here's how to download the Suite:
   1. Login to your 365 account.
   2. Click on Office 365 in the upper left corner (see below graphic) if you don't arrive at your "Dashboard". You want to see the screen that has all of your apps.

      Windows 365 Downloads Dashboard
   3. Click Install Office 2016 that is located in the upper right corner.

      Windows 365 Downloads Install
   4. Follow any install instructions that appear.
   5. Once installed, you may need to restart your computer.
   6. Keep in mind that the 2016 version will overwrite any other Office Suite that you have installed. The District will be using 2016 for the 2017-2018 school year.

FindTime Logo FindTime is a way that you can send people an invitation to find out when they are available to meet.  Once they have responded to the times that work best for them, you approve the most popular time and the time is automatically added to everyone's Outlook calendar.  Awesome!!!
FindTime: How to Install and Download
FindTime has been updated by Microsoft.  More information will be coming about how to use FindTime.

OneNote Tutorials
 OneNote is a powerful app that allows you great flexibility with your curriculum.  Watch the following videos and learn how OneNote may be the classroom tool you've been looking for. 

Skype Ideas & Tutorials
Click on the above video link to learn how to use a Microsoft app that can translate your voice and text on a page. (This video is for cell phones.)

Microsoft Sway
  Microsoft Sway is an innovative and exciting way to share your ideas, research, and presentations.  There are limitless opportunities that you and your students can enjoy.  Creativity can be unleashed in unique and fantastic ways! 

Microsoft Forms
  Microsoft Forms is a fantastic way to take polls, create questionnaires, gather data, do formative assessments, create quizzes, and a whole lot more.  Learn how you can use it in the below videos.